Monday, January 19, 2009

IPexpert Volume 3 Mock Lab 8 Review

At first read through, this lab appears very difficult because the number of routing protocol domains. 2 EIGRP domains, 3 OSPF domains, 1 RIP domain and almost every router and switch running 2 or 3 protocols. I attacked this by creating ACLs matching every set of networks, example:

ip access-list standard EIGRP134
ip access-list standard EIGRP24
ip access-list standard OSPF1
ip access-list standard OSPF2
ip access-list standard OSPF3
ip access-list standard RIP

Each ACL contained the networks in that domain. I then altered distance on each border router as needed so I could force the router to learn a route from that direction. In OSPF you can only specify one distance command so I had to merge the RIP and EIGRP ACL's in one case. The goal was to prevent route-feedback by ensuring that routes were learned through the best protocol to begin with. It took me about an hour but it worked great.

Another task had me configure clustering which is not as hard as it seems. A few commands on the commander and I was done. I had to read through the DocCD to figure some stuff out.

Side note: If you need to ping your own interface on a frame-relay task but are not allowed to use "frame-relay map", you can use Multilink interface and run MLPPPoFR.

BGP Section was pretty convoluted and I did not complete it. The main section revolved around using prepends so that distant ASes would disallow certain networks. I thought I could do this, but I did a bad job of reading ahead so I did not have the required confederations for this task. I did not fell like going back and re-doing BGP.

Another new command: "no service disable-ip-fast-frag"

IPv6 was pretty easy, I used tunnels to get everywhere.

QOS: Misunderstood the Flow Based WRED task, instead configured WRED + WFQ in a policy-map. I also configured the Be wrong and forgot adaptive shaping in a FRTS task.

Last task said to keep traffic stats for a host that might be under a DoS attack. I used accounting, but the PG has ip source-track. I should have got this, as I was just reviewing this topic in the DocCD last week.

I am not doing as good as I want to be doing. The last few labs in Volume 3 have been tougher, but there's nothing that I should not be able to get or find in the DocCD at this point. It's just a matter of staying focused and keeping the skills sharp.

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