Saturday, January 31, 2009

IPexpert Volume 3 Mock Lab 1 - Take 2

I did this lab again today mainly to see how much I improved since the first time. If your curious, here was my original post:

IPexpert Volume 3 Mock Lab 1 - Take 1

That was just over 5 months ago, and I more than doubled my score and finished in about half the time. I got a 91 this time, missing 3 tasks. The first one was a grading script error. The second one was a bonehead mistake because the task said to prevent odd routes and I blocked odd (BGP task).

The last one was tricky and I skipped it because I did not know how to complete it without messing up another task. It was 2 points vs 3 points and I took the 3-pointer. I will explain what the issue was and how to resolve it.

The first task had you allow telnet only on port 3005 of R9. Then you create a privilege 15 user named cisco with a password cisco. The next task says that the user cisco should only be allowed to do show commands and not configure anything. Menus are not allowed.

Well....since user cisco is a level 15 user he can do anything he wants. And he HAS to be a level 15 user according to the first task. The solution was to configure AAA which basically ignores privilege levels that are assigned to username commands. Now, when user cisco logs in, he is actually in level 1 and he cannot get to configuration mode (without an enable password). Do you think this violates the previous task?

Anyways, it felt good to know that I have retained a lot of info. I'm going to do another mock lab tomorrow morning from IPexpert (Before the Super Bowl of course!). Then next week I have an IE mock lab and another proctor lab session scheduled. The week after that, it will be Cisco Assessor Labs on the 14th and 15th (if my schedule gets accepted).

That leaves one more weekend of nothing which I plan on just reviewing and tying up loose ends. Probably play around on the home lab most of the time. Then the next weekend I will be in San Jose :-)

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  1. i believe that you have already passed your R&S exams. cos i have been following you everyday.

    best of luck


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