Sunday, January 4, 2009

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 15 Review

This lab took quite awhile, there were a lot of things I would have had to ask the proctor about. I just finished grading and its been about 7 hours since I started. I missed 4 tasks for sure and a couple other solutions differed from the SG but I believe they worked just fine.

These are the ones I missed:

-4 Task 1.3 Switching
Needed a bridge-group on R8 to bridge between dot1q sub-interfaces. I had a tough time understanding what was required and it really looked like a typo so I peaked in the SG. I didn't even read the entire solution once I saw "bridge-group" I knew what I needed.

-3 Task 8.1 VRRP
The very beginning of the lab says to use "open standards" as needed. I didn't even think about that when configuring this task and used HSRP instead.

-2 Task 8.2 TFTP
The task said to make an "IOS file" called BACKUP.bin available. I just copied running-config to BACKUP.bin not realizing that the file needed to be an IOS image. The actual command was tftp-server with an alias option for the bin file.

-3 Task 8.4 GRE Tunnel
This task required a GRE tunnel and I really misundertood this. First I configured mobile ARP, then NAT, but alas it was GRE.

There were a couple other tasks requiring filtering that I disagreed with the SG. No big deal but I am pretty sure my solutions were worked fine. Also I needed to set the DE bit on all traffic "from BB1". The SG created a de-list that matched the input interface. I used MQC to match a class then set the DE bit with "set fr-de" in a policy map.

Volume 2 is in the books now. I have already done a few Volume 3 labs and I will probably concentrate on these from now on. I will also browse through the Volume 2 labs again trying to solve the problems in my head.

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