Saturday, January 3, 2009

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 14 Review

I just completed this lab in about 4 hours. I spent some time before my session started drawing diagrams and reading through the lab. I find this helps me save session time in case I take too long. Plus it gives me substantial time to grade the lab, verify solutions and even test out the solution guide if needed.

I only missed a few tasks, and some of these were because I was unfamiliar with commands and I made the solution too difficult.

-3 Task 7.3 BGP
I needed to provide redundant BGP connectivity after filtering some routes. I misunderstood this task, we needed an aggregate with as-set and I left it off.

-2 Task 7.5 BGP
I had to prevent AS paths of 16 or longer. I created an enormously large as-path ACL when all that was required was max-as limit. I know this command but I just had a brain fart.

-3 Task 10.1 CQ
Custom Queuing task had some extra stuff to throw you off. Very tricky ;-)

-3 Task 11.3 Multicast
For rate limiting multicast I used normal CAR, but there actually exists a special multicast rate-limit command.

There were several peculiar service tasks that I am getting the hang of now. I had to compress the config, decreases the telnet timeout, and some other stuff. Browsing the DocCD as well as the context sensitive help as helped me with these kinds of tasks.

A little less than 2 months to go now. I have been doing pretty well on 8 hour labs. Lately I have working on improving my verification habits. After a lab, I force myself to review almost every single task, even things like VLAN assignments. I always find a couple errors and I have been reducing my bonehead mistakes by a lot.

One more Volume 2 lab to go then I will probably stick with doing my own labs and Volume 3 graded mock labs.

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