Sunday, January 11, 2009

IPexpert Volume 3 Mock Lab 5 Review

I just finished this lab in about 5 hours. I spent 1 hour verifying and found some mistakes. I ended up with a 73 and every single mistake except the BGP task should have been fixed. You will see below how easy these were.

I have still got some work to do in terms of fully understanding the requirements. I failed to make sure R7's extra loopbacks were in every routers table and for some reason IPv6 RIP failed when the script checked it. I logged back in and everything was fine.

Here are the mistakes:

-4 3.6 Redistribution
Failed connectivity to R7's loopback 2 and 3 addresses. I did not test reachability to these - only verified loopback 1.

-4 7.2 and 7.3 OSPFv3
I tested the results after the lab and it works fine. I wonder if the script shuts ports down for another VRRP failover task and then doesn't wait long enough for STP to forward, I don't know. Simple OSPFv3 and RIP redistribution.

-3 4.3 BGP Conditional Routing
Could not get this to work.

-3 5.3 Multicast
The argument is kbps and I put 64000 instead of 64. DOH!

-4 6.1 System Management
I had privilege 15 along with my username command and the script says this is wrong. The menu needs to display "show interfaces" and "show clock" and privilege 15 is not required for this.

-3 6.3 DHCP
The problem is that I filtered with a lot of caution so RIP routes do not enter EIGRP domain through OSPF. There were no requirements that stated full reachability is needed when various interfaces are shut.

-3 6.5 IP Accounting
I missed this because I thought you could only configure 1 list so I used a funky wildcard to match 2 subnets. I swear that on my first try the second list overwrote the first. Oh well, now I know.

-3 8.3 MQC
I forgot the bandwidth command on the serial interface of R7 and R8. This was a very easy MQC task, give 30% to telnet and 20% to smtp. The task said percentage of "interface bandwidth" and they are clocked at 2M.

Well that's it for the graded Mock Labs from IPexpert. There are still 5 more ungraded ones that I plan on doing. I think I will redo Mock Lab 1, I got a 41 on this about 6 months ago and am curious to know how much I have learned since then.

I also plan on doing mock labs from some other companies. I am going to do 1 or 2 from IE and I am debating on doing the CCIE Assessor labs. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

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