Saturday, December 13, 2008

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 13 Reveiw - Part II

I just finished the lab that I started last week. I don't really have an estimate of how well I did because I had several conflicts with the PG. My guess is around 70 - 80. It was definitely the hardest full scale practice lab I have done to date. Not so much in configuration, just in understanding what the PG was trying to say. Here are some examples:

R2 should show L2 circuit IDs when viewing "debug traces." This was in the security section and the answer was to create an ACL that permitted everything and log-input for ICMP. Easy enough and I thought about that solution but I thought there might have been another way - alas, there wasn't.

CAT1 should only allow PC with mac address 0001.0001.0001 and IP on port f0/10. I thought about ARP inspection along with port security but the answer was only port security. Not sure if I would gotten it wrong if I had the port security right but borked on the ARP inspection which was not required.

There was also an auto-command task that forced me to override what I had already configured for my VTY lines in previous tasks. I would have had to ask the proctor about this as there was no way to have the two solutions (line password and local authentication) without AAA. And my AAA solution was not allowing auto-command to work.

There was a total of 58 tasks on this lab which is incredible because I don't think I have had a lab that had as many as 40 yet. Each task was 1 or 2 points and there was a lot to configure. I don't know if I would have completed it in 8 hours - I took my time writing emails to support during the lab.

In any case, this was a very challenging lab and I think I will re-do this one in a couple months if I have time.

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