Saturday, December 13, 2008

Auto-install, eh?

While doing IPexpert Volume 2 Section 13 I ran into a task that said:

"There is a high chance you will be replacing your current R4 router with another high-end router. The admin of R4 has saved its configuration on a TFTP server whose IP address is Make sure the new router will automatically configure itself."

So I started browsing through the DocCD for auto-install when it hit exactly is this supposed to work? Not knowing the exact details about auto-install I knew that this should be a simple task since it was only 1 point.

Well the new router needs to know about address somehow...but when it has no config it has no address. What I figured was that the new router will send a broadcast on it's frame-relay interface which happens to connect to R2. In fact the network is also on R2's ethernet interface.

So I configured a helper address on R2's frame-relay interface pointing to The PG agreed! 1 task, 1 command, 1 point :-)

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