Sunday, November 16, 2008

IPexpert Volume 3 Mock Lab 2 Review

What a ride it has been since my last mock lab. For those that were not following then I scored a 41 with a veritable plethora of bonehead mistakes. This was a few months ago I think. Today I just finished lab 2 and got a 73. The grading script was incorrect on my multicast section so I actually got a 78. Plus my DHCP excluded address range ended with .255 instead of .254 so I might have had 3 more points on the real thing. Also my IPv6 RIP failover solution worked (ipv6ip tunnels), I think the grading script didn't wait long enough for convergence to happen.

Anyways, it was a good confidence booster. I managed my time well. I skipped tasks that were not easily doable, then came back and did them when I had time. I kept track of all my points on a sheet and I figured I was good for about 81. It was pretty accurate score keeping considering if you give me the multicast and dhcp tasks that's exactly the score I would have had.

Here is a little review of the misses:

-3 6.3 DHCP
I put ip dhcp excluded-address but the answer had .254 on the end.

-4 3.3 OSPF
I use nssa no-summary to generate a default into OSPF. The answer was supposed to be nssa default-information-originate.

-7 3.2,3.4 RIP EIGRP Filtering
I couldn't figure out the ACL with the least amount of lines for both these tasks. It was a tough one. The ACL had to be 4 lines at most and only allow routes with a 3rd octet of 25-45. I haven't looked at the SG yet so I don't know what the answer is. I skipped both these.

-4 7.2 IPv6
According to the SG, "R5 Should still be able to ping 2001:1::1 2001:4::4 2001:5::5 2001:6::6 with its Fa0/0 Interface Shutdown." This does work! I don't know how long it's waiting to ping, but it's not long enough. My configuration works.

The SG was wrong. The task said to configure R2 with priority of 10 and R7 with 20. The grading script has it backwards. I have since found out that the workbook was updated and I was using a printed copy from a couple months ago. No sweat I had the task right.

-4 8.2 QOS
Worst QOS task ever. It was just too many freaking lines.

I still have 45 minutes in my lab left but I am pretty much beat today. I'm gonna get back to volume 2 the next few weeks and review volume 1 too. Next graded lab will probably be in a month or so.


  1. Thats a good score though.

    On task 7.2 did you have to change the timers? - its a while since I did this lab, but seem to remember thinking the same things that the script didnt wait long enough, then realised that I had to change the RIP timers too.

    I havent checked the lab, so I might be thinking of a different one though ;)

  2. Hi, yes you are right, we change the timers in the same task. Even with that, it still took awhile to failover though - but it did failover under a minute.

    Maybe it was because my solution used ipv6ip tunnels everywhere, from R5-R1,R1-R4,R4-R6,R6-R5.

    thanks for the comment!

  3. An update on this: I received an email from Tyson Scott at IPexpert who verified that the script waits 30 seconds. He said he would change it to 60 seconds, but not to worry if the solution really does work!


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