Saturday, November 8, 2008

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 7 Review

I skipped this lab by accident last week so here is the review today. I just finished it in about 4 hours and change. There was nothing at all too difficult. In fact there was no QoS, Security or Multicast at all. Three of my favorite subjects! ;-)

I think I only missed a few tasks, although there was some issues I had with the PG regarding route redistribution. I am waiting on a reply from onlinestudylist to see if in fact there was an issue or if I am just mistaken. The issue had to do with redistributing OSPF into RIP version 1 and the networks weren't being advertised because of this...anyways, more on that later. Here are the mistakes I did make:

-3 task 1.4. Didn't configure max-age so switches would detect loss of link quicker than normal. I thought I could change the mode to rapid-pvst but this didn't change the max-age. Looks like I need a refresher on STP.

-2 task 3.2. Configured distance on wrong router. Task said RIP routes received by R2 should have AD of 105, I read it wrong as "from R2" so I configured R4. Bonehead mistake.

-3 task 5.4. Didn't configure passive interfaces. Bonehead mistake. Plus the redistribution issues I mentioned earlier were part of this task. If you're gonna miss a task, might as well miss the whole damn thing!

-3 task 9.2. Forget the word "errors" at the end of the logging command. I think the default is level 7 "debugging" so I should have got this one.

Well not too shabby. The BGP section had a lot of points but was rather easy. The IGP section was also pretty much a breeze. Good way to start a weekend I guess :)

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