Saturday, November 29, 2008

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 12 Review

I woke up late for this one but I still finished in plenty of time. Probably about 4 hours. I made some serious mistakes though that I completely overlooked. It was in the BGP section, I didn't configure a that may have ruined 2 or 3 tasks - not real sure how to gauge the impact. You should have seen the look on my face when I saw the PG.

With that included I missed 6 tasks for about 15 points:

-8 Tasks 8.1 - 8.3
I knew we were using private AS numbers so I immediately thought configuring a confederation. However, I did not deduce that from the task requirements so I didn't bother. Reviewing it, I completely overlooked R1's task of peering with R2 is AS 200. AS 200 should have been the confederation....BIG BOOBOO. Completely unacceptable.

-4 Task 9.3 IOS Services
Completely missed this "Mobile ARP" section. I had a NAT solution that does what I thought the task asks. I have no idea how to configure mobile arp and I guess it's time to learn. I wonder if anyone even uses it...

-2 Task 11.2 DHCP
I used "no ip bootp server" for the DHCP router not respond to bootp requests. However, the answer was "ip dhcp bootp ignore"

-1 Task 14.3 Multicast
Configured MRM incorrectly. I used the DocCD for this and was what you could call "way off." It was a 1 point task and I was not too concerned.

My goal from here on out is to keep my score above 80 while improving my "process." That includes verifying everything, making notes and a point tracker, refraining from marking the actual lab docs (which I heard you cannot do), and moving through the DocCD.

Missing the BGP confederation is something that should never happen. I am lucky there were not more tasks dependent on it. Everything else was filtering of some sort. Who knows, I may have been marked of on the entire BGP section (20 points).

One thing I worry about is that I have not really been challenged during Layer 2 configurations. I pretty much breeze through VTP, trunking, and other topics, but I know there are topics that will get me (QoS, tunneling). For these I rely on the DocCD and make my own labs. That being said, Volume 1 Section 5 has an extremely difficult tunneling lab that I need to review.

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