Thursday, June 12, 2008

WCCP notes

Well I saw this topic on the blueprint and I don't think I have enough equipment to do a wccp lab so for now I'll just make some notes and post them here:

-Single router serves a cluster
-Cache engine is configured with ip address of control router (max 32)
-Cache engines send ip's to router via control port udp 2048
-Control creates a cluster view, sends to cache engines
-Lead cache engine selected, decides how traffic is redirected.
-HTTP only

-Multiple routers can server a cluster
-Service group: routers + cache engines
-Unicast or multicast control (ip wccp group-listen)
-Non-HTTP support, TCP and UDP
-MD5 security
-Error handling keeps track of cache misses
-Load distribution (hot spot handling, load balancing, load shedding)
-IP only
-Multicast TTL must be 15 or lower
-32 cache engines and 32 routers max per service group
-Dynamic services are defined by the cache engines

Router(config)# ip wccp version 2
Router(config)# ip wccp {web-cache | service-number} [group-address groupaddress] [redirect-list access-list] [group-list access-list] [password password]
Router(config)# interface type number
Router(config-if)# ip wccp {web-cache | service-number} redirect {out | in}

Exclude an interface from redirecting inbound traffic:
Router(config-if)# ip wccp redirect exclude in

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  1. I am working with WCCP here at our company, and I have a question about a setup using 2 proxies. We are using access-lists for the service group, and is there a way to configure WCCP so that it will recognize the two proxies that are in the ACL.

    Our configuration is like so:

    ip access-list proxy

    ip access-list proxytransparent
    permit x.x.x.x
    deny x.x.x.x
    *multiple entries*

    ip wccp 9 redirect-list proxytransparent group-list proxy

    When I do a "sh ip wcccp," under the service group, it only shows the number of cache engines as 1, instead of 2.


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