Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CCIE Home Lab - Rack Diagram

I'm almost done building my rack. I thought a diagram will help when I get ready to mount the devices and cable them. Here is what I've come up with. I excluded connections between switches because I have another diagram for those.


  1. wow, great, i am also planning to assemble my own home lab,

    i really love your set up and would need ur advicd

  2. I would be glad to give some advice. Here are some tips for now, but feel free to ask any questions:

    -Get a budget ready. I put about $6,000 in so far (and I think I'm about done)
    -Start looking on ebay right now to get an idea for the price ranges of 3550/3560 switches and 3640 routers. It's important to have a good idea of the market so you know when good deals come along.
    -I recommend getting a terminal server and a single device for FR switch like a 2522.
    -Don't forget all the cables and rack mounts. I was fortunate to get rackmounts with most of my routers but still had to by a few for the switches. These are about $10-20 a pair with shipping.
    -For ethernet cabling get yourself a bunch of CAT5 cheap somewhere and then buy RJ45 connectors and make your own cables. This will help save some cash and well as develop good cabling skills :)
    -For serial cables make sure you get long ones to reach from your lowest router to your highest (3FT will probably do.) I have a few 1FT serial crossovers that probably wont don't any good once I get up and running.
    -Make sure the routers you get have maximum amount of RAM/Flash to support the latest IOS. If they don't have max RAM/Flash then hold out for a better deal. In my experience it isn' worth trying to upgrade.
    -Get a good rack with some extra spaces in case you get more devices. I have 22U filled up in my 24U rack and it tips sideways slightly.

    Good Luck!

  3. hello friend,

    i just bought two 3550 switches off cablesandkits and assembled a desktop with the ffing conf:

    Core 2 Quad 6600
    2GB RAM
    window xp 64bit edition.

    i ordered for two Adaptec ANA62044 which are 4port RJ-45 card. my problem is that my desktop has 32bit PCI slot.

    do u think that the card will still work.

    i really admire ur speed and ur detailed explanation cos i read ur blog everyday, and any day i dont see any writeup, it looks like i am missing something vital.

    i would need ur help on how to successfully connect my two 3550 with dynamips that is running on my desktop?


  4. I don't know if the cards will work...but if they do it's pretty easy to get them connected to the 3550. Send me an email and I can help. Sorry about the delay, I don't get any notices when comments are left on old posts :/

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