Sunday, October 26, 2008

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 6 Review

This lab took me about 4.5 hours. I woke up late so I had only 5 hours of session time left, but I finished it. There were some bonehead mistakes because I was rushing it, notably in Multicast and BGP. I ended up with a maximum score of 83, maybe even less.

Here were the mistakes:

-3 task 3.5. Forgot max-paths command on R4 and R9. I used variance 2, the PG has variance 128. I misunderstood the question, using 2 for variance, instead of max-paths.

-3 task 4.2. Didn't get BGP reachability. CAT4 does not do BGP, but is in the middle of the BGP ASes and we are not supposed to redistribute into IGP. So I skipped this. PG had CAT4 being added to BGP. I didn't even think of this. I started thinking about tunnels, but just skipped this task instead.

-5 task 5.2 and 5.3. Completely froze on this multicast task, I didn't get reachability and skipped it. Turns out I didn't have auto-rp listener on. Maybe if I spent more time troubleshooting I could have got it.

-3 task 7.3. I had IPv6 reachability but I used default routes generated in RIPng and OSPFv3. The PG uses summary routes. Not sure if I would have missed this or not, but the beginning of the lab says do not use default routes.

-3 task 9.4. I didn't configure AAA for case sensitive authentication. I guess I didn't take the task literal enough.

I am definitely getting better at topics like QoS, IOS services and Security but as you can see I am still making some easy mistakes. I hope these bad habits don't make their way into the exam. One thing I do not like about online rack time is that you have to go on their schedule. I can't do it on the weekday because I work. The weekends are scrunched into 10pm-6am, 6am-2pm, and 2pm-10pm. This was a 6-2 session and I just could not get up that early today. Anyways, it's going to take some discipline to get my study habits in gear.

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