Saturday, October 18, 2008

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 4 Review

I just completed this lab and I got a self-graded estimated 81 out of 100. The points I missed were not very tough. I will detail them below:

-3 task 2.3. I didn't even attempt ppp over frame-relay with multilink. To be honest, WAN tasks like this always seem so trivial. I just got a serial link up between R2 and R5 and ran with it. I was gonna come back and fix it, but by the time I was done, I didn't feel like it.

-3 task 3.4. R1 was only supposed to send 3 routes to CAT1. Well, this is how it was until I started redistributing on R8 and adding a new loopback to R8. These routes were supposedly not be included in the advertised routes to CAT1. It's time to ask the proctor when the task states "advertise 3 routes" but doesn't say which 3 routes.

-4 task 4.1. My solution worked but didn't match the PG. The PG used the local-as option and remove private-as to make all AS appear as AS8888 to CAT1. I used confederations along with local-as. Maybe I would have gotten the points anyway, but my solution was pretty convoluted here.

-3 task 8.1. I got the policy map right on, but it was applied to the multilink interface that I was supposed to create in task 2.3. So lesson learned is to not screw up a task, on which another task may depend.

-3 task 8.4. Incorrect rate-limit access-list. My first experience using a rate-limit ACL with the mask option. After reviewing the DocCD and the PG, it makes sense now. My solution was way off. I needed to match precedence 1, 3, 5 and 7. The mask should have been the hex value for binary 10101010 which is AA. I thought the binary mask values were supposed to be masking the actual precedence bit values (which they are not).

-3 task 9.1. Forget to apply ACL to second interface. I only applied the ACL to f0/0, it should have also gone on multlink 1 of R9. Careless mistake.

Overall, I think I did good considering I hadn't labbed at all in the last 2 weeks plus. When you have time like I do (5+ months remaining until lab exam) it's good to take a week or two off to see how well you retain things. Somethings I was a little rusty on were AAA security and some OSPF/NBMA stuff which surprised me.

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