Monday, February 23, 2009

My new favorite IOS message

I don't know what my previous one was, but this is the new one:

R1(config-if)#traffic-shape rate 64000 ?
<0-100000000> bits per interval, sustained

R1(config-if)#traffic-shape rate 64000 640
less than 1000 bits in an interval doesn't make sense


  1. What could this IOS message be? How can this be used in the traffic rate?

    Carmela Lee from Porte de garage enroulable 

  2. Great! I think its really a nice one.
    Well, how did you do that?

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  3. I'm not too sure about this one, but it could go two ways. First, the router would ignore the CIR stated in the first parameter, and use 640 bits per Tc, which is about 5120 bits per second, or 5kbps.

    Or, the router could accept both his parameters of CIR 64000 and Bc 640, hence changing Tc to be 0.01 seconds, by default and by convention it would be 0.125.

    I don't know which will happen, but both don't make sense.

  4. IOS always calculate the Tc using Bc/CIR. you can test this using a map-class on a frame-relay interface. setup the CIR, Bc and Tc explicitly and check the shaping parameters and you will see that IOS simply ignores the value configured Tc and use Bc/CIR for the Tc value. below is an example on an ethernet interface.

    However I had not seen that funny message before either !!!

    Router(config-if)#traffic-shape rate 100000 1000
    Router#sh traffic-shape

    Router#sh traffic-shape

    Interface Fa0/0
    Access Target Byte Sustain Excess Interval Increment Adapt
    VC List Rate Limit bits/int bits/int (ms) (bytes) Active
    - 100000 250 1000 1000 10 125 -


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