Saturday, September 27, 2008

IPexpert Volume 2 Section 2 Review

This was another seemingly simple lab, but had quite a crazy redistribution scene. There also was no IPv6 or multicast. I finished with about 3 and half hours left in the session, and that was while doing laundry as well. And redistribution took me about 2 hours alone!

Because some of my solutions differed from the PG, I gave myself a range of 77-88 depending on how well my solutions measured up. I'll explain the ones I missed without a doubt, and then explain the ones I am not sure of.


-3 task 6.2 - OSPF. Should have made priority 255 for R5 f0/1. R5 was supposed to be DR ALWAYS, I configured the priority as 110, then R6 as 100. Should have put 255, no excuses.

-3 task 7.2 - BGP. Maximum-prefix configured on wrong neighbors. Task states: "R4 does not have much memory...Make sure no other AS sends more than 20 prefixes." I thought this meant go to the edges of R4's AS and configure the max-prefix there, but they want it on R4's neighbor statements. Go figure.

-3 task 8.2 - NTP. Forgot the "ntp authenticate" on the master. Time to review my own post on this subject!

-3 task 10.3 - QoS. Policy was supposed to be policing "coming in over" the frame link on R4. I had it configured outbound.


-4 task 9.1 - QoS. Supposed to limit VLAN12 to 2Mbps. I configured a per-port per-vlan solution and applied to the access links in vlan 12. The PG had an aggregate policer. But the policer spanned multiple ports and I did not think that was allowed. An aggregate policer was what I wanted to configure. I am waiting to hear what they say about the aggregate being allowed to span ports...

-4 task 9.2 - QoS. Limit ports in VLAN567 from sending more than 3Mbps. I really over thought this one. The PG had simple policing applied inbound to the ports in the vlan. I used a hierarchical policy applied to an SVI.

-3 task 10.2 - QoS. Configure NBAR to drop all P2P traffic on R4. I had the policy applied outbound on R4 s0/0/0, PG has inbound on f0/0.

I think I am improving in speed, but I need to cut down on easy mistakes. This is probably the best I did at doing so thus far. Only 2 real dumb mistakes, OSPF DR and NTP. The rest were pretty hard, but QoS is something that I am working on a lot now and hope to improve. I know how to configure most of the switch QoS configurations, my only difficulty is understanding what solution to use.

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