Friday, August 15, 2008

some IPv6 notes: frame relay, RIPng, default routes

I was doing an IPv6 lab today. Here are some issues I came across:

Issue #1:
Hub and spoke environment, hubs could ping spoke, spokes couldn't ping hub. Turns out I didn't have "ipv6 unicast-routing" on the hub or the other routers.

Issue #2:
IPv6 router wasn't get routes from the backbone. I didn't have IPv6 rip enabled on the loopbacks.

Issue #3:
Spoke wasn't getting routes from other spoke. I needed to turn of split horizon on the hub. This is turned off under the process as follows:

ipv6 router rip RIP6
no split-horizon

Issue #4:
Default route wasn't getting propogated to downstream router. I need to have a metric for this route. Like this:

interface Serial1/0
ipv6 rip RIP6 default-information only metric 2

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  1. Thanks!!

    I had issue #1 and I couldn't find out how to solve it... until I came here.


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