Friday, May 30, 2008

My CCIE Lab v2?

I hoped to build my home lab around dynamips and real life 3550/3560 switches but I ran into some limitations with my PC's and dynamips. Since I have already forked over about $4,000 for 2 3550s and 3560s and I decided to fork over a little more for some routers. I found 3640 routers with max ram/flash and nm-2E2W for $199 OBO. I made an offer for 6 at $179 and the seller agreed. Total was $1199 with shipping, which puts my running total at about $5200. I still need to get a rack and brackets for the routers/switches, plus a terminal server made from a 2511 or something. I hope to have the lab completed fully for under $6000. This is probably the most expensive thing I have ever done but the having the real life lab is definitely a must in my scenario. It feels good to be on my way!

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